Sanitation & Recycling

The Village of Duncan does not provide waste management.  Residents are advised to contact any garbage company to set up services with them for garbage pick up.  A few suggestions are listed below.

The Village of Duncan also has a grass pile and brush pile that is maintained by the Village.  This is a service provided by the Village, for the residents of Duncan ONLY.  Please know that this service is monitored by the Nebraska Department of Environmental Energy and may be shut down at anytime, should they find anything in the pile that should not be there.  To keep the grass/brush pile open to the residents of Duncan, we all need to take responsibility and make sure there are no unaccepted items in the pile OR any nonresidents dumping there.  There is a large sign at the site that explains accepted and unaccepted items.  Please adhere to the rules so that we are able to keep it available to Duncan.  PLEASE NOTE:  the tree/brush pile has been moved to the south side of the lagoon.  The grass pile will remain in the same location as it has always been.  Please do not dump grass at the new tree pile.  Please do not dump brush/trees at the grass pile.  Thank you!

Unfortunately, the only company that was available to provide Duncan with a recycle bin has now discontinued their service.  The company, Greenfiber, had given us several warnings about unacceptable items being placed in the recycle bin.  There were dead geese, beer bottles, broken glass, plastic etc. that had been found on 4 different occasions.  When that happens, Duncan has to pay a garbage company to collect it and then the recycling company will try again.  Notices were posted several times on what was acceptable and what was not acceptable to put in the bin.  Since we had so many warnings, Greenfiber had no choice but to remove the bin and discontinue service.  If you would still like to recycle, there are greenfiber and other recycling bins located in Columbus at different locations.  But please be aware of what is allowed in the bins.  And check with the location owner for permission to drop your recyclables off.

For questions specific to trash, please call the waste management company directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sanitation companies provide garbage pick up service to Duncan?

  • U&I Sanitation - 402-563-2220
  • ACE Sanitation - 402-564-4397