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Street Maintenance


Street Maintenance will be on Monday, September 25th (weather permitting).  The west side of town (7th street, 8th street, avenues between) will be affected.  No vehicles should be parked on those streets that day.  Please be sure water sprinklers will be shut off that day.  Only September 25th (weather permitting).  A new notice will be put out if there are any changes. Thank you

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Street Cleaner


Street Cleaner will be in town Thursday, Sept. 21st.  Please be sure that all vehicles/trailers etc. are off of the streets. 

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New Business in Town


The Village of Duncan would like to welcome Jason & Heather Doles' new business in Duncan.  J's Automotive & Fleet, will be replacing Duncan Service in downtown Duncan. Call 402-641-9159 for service scheduling.

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NOTICE! 4-Wheelers/UTV's


4-Wheelers and UTV's are again, creating issues in town.  The Village has posted a notice to remind residents of the rules for 4-Wheelers/UTV's.  Please make sure you are following the law.  Our ordinance is taken directly from the Nebraska State Statute.  Platte County Sheriff Dept. will be notified if violations of law are found.  Please keep children from operating 4-wheelers or UTV's, as it is illegal.  You must have a valid driver's license to operate them.  No riding before or after sunset.  Flags are required.  Headlights/taillights 'ON' while in operation.  No speeding.  See poster for other rules.  Stay safe!

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