150th Celebration Committee

The Village of Duncan is proud to be celebrating 150 years of being Duncan!  We would like everyone to join in our celebration.  Planning and running the event is a very large responsibility and task to take on.  The Village has selected a committee to do just that.  This page will be updated frequently.  If you have troubles finding anything or have any questions, please contact the Village office.  The 150th Committee is posting agendas for their meetings which are open to the public.  We encourage anyone to go to a meeting and just listen, or even provide information or ideas.  Volunteering to help would be welcome as well.  The agendas can be found on this in the office window, the post office and AJ's C-Store.  Also, look for the 150th Facebook Page for more information.  The celebration will be held on Aug. 28-29, 2021 in Duncan.